25 October 2013

Intelligent scientists give it their best shot,
But can’t understand why we have what we’ve got.
Could they be missing the point?
A cure might be simple to fix all our joints.

Strange theories are stuck in my brain,
Many uneducated cures for the monster RA.
My own thoughts go in a very strange way,
Could one of them cure this disease – like – yesterday?

If one uneducated idea hit the right spot,
To fix this immune disorder we’ve got,
Maybe the antidote is locked in some brain,
Of a not-so-bright person who feels RA’s pain?

How can we get them to listen to us?
And try ‘our’ ideas without shutting us up?
The answer is almost clear….
May I de-fog my brainstorm here?

Note to readers:  I really ‘do’ have ideas…
and I have no clue where to shove them.