25 February 2014

I’d love to have my original fears back,
And lose these new ones that make me crack.
Oh for the fear of mice and spiders,
Instead of these new phobia’s RA inspires.


There’s grocery shopping,
Fearing this pain is never stopping,
Being touched and shaking hands,
Pulling the zipper up on my pants,
Hearing someone coughing nearby,
Feel an incoming flare and I’m terrified.
Carrying laundry and changing sheets,
And knowing what’s coming if I eat sweets.
There’s a phobia for each new med I try,
And a fear that someone will see me cry,
The fear of bedtime which brings more pain,
In the morning I fear I won’t move again.
Moving brings fears of it’s own,
Hurt if I do, and hurt if I don’t.


Oh how I’d love my old phobias back.
I’d just squish that spider
and be a happy sleeping maniac!