11 June 2014

My ‘theory for a cure’ #158,
Docs may want my head on a plate.

I trick this morbid malfunctioning autoimmune,
Into thinking some other body part is doomed.

I’ve been toying with fasting for over a year,
And I’ve found that starving RA helps some here.
My immune system fights where trouble shouts loudest,
And jumps to my tummy like a power outage.

These joints will ease up after one fasting day,
With nothing feeding my pet monster RA.
I’ve always got a spare pound to lose,
I love food, so this body’s not abused.

But give me one day,
And don’t tell my doc,
But I do get some relief,
From a good hungry shock.


Note to readers: Fasting is NOT considered safe for all people, so please don’t try my experiments unless you are certain it won’t cause harm!