7 March 2014

Dearest RA,

You are a….

Lily-livered, yeller belly,
Sap sucker, home wrecker,
Brain musher, ugly on a stick.
You’re a happy stealing
Snot slinging,

Monkeys doo I’d like to kick.

You’re a nose picking
Greasy grimy gut leaking

Thing that makes me sick.
If there was a cure today,
I’d send you limpin’ on your way.
So take your immune diseases,
Yes you and all yer kin…
Go on out and don’t come back,
That door that you come in.


Southern Gal who’s had enough.
p.s. Thank you to my adorable friends who helped me find words without cussing.

p.s.s. Thank you hard working scientists – looking for a cure – but please hurry it up.
p.s.s.s. Thank you postal system for delivering a record number of medical bills on my birthday.