12 February 2014


Dear Rheumatoid Arthritis,

I am turning in my resignation.
I’m tired of this isolation.

I quit all the wrong things,

When I should be quitting your disease.

I quit going to the beauty salon
I quit getting my hair and nails done
I quit going shopping at the mall

I quit wearing heels to make me tall
I quit margarita night with the girls

I quit attending all public ordeals
I quit pulling weeds and planting flowers
I quit playing the piano for hours
I gave up little things that I once loved,

I just did not know my joints you’d crush.
So just what is it that you ‘do’ for me?
You give me endless pain and fatigue.
I won’t miss you – if I leave you behind,

Because you’ve been nothing but unkind.



Wishing I. Could