Fail First Hurts

When your healthcare provider prescribes a drug or a device, the decision comes from knowing you, your current health, your good and bad history with drugs and devices, and an understanding of your personal needs and life issues. All this thought and caring is disregarded when your health insurance company overrules this decision and forces you to take a drug that may or may not work, and is based on profit not health. When this happens to you – and it happens to more than 70 percent of patients according to a GHLF survey – let us and your elected representatives know about it though


Healthy Biologics

Biologic injections and infusions have changed the world for people with debilitating and deadly diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, cancer, MS and diabetes. tracks the availability of biologics as well as an exciting new group of drugs called "biosimilars" which could make the miracle of biologics available to more people through reduced cost. Stay current with these important and powerful drugs as they help create new life for people with diseases that used to be a death or disability sentence.


Protecting Medicare

We cannot imagine an America without Medicare – the most efficient healthcare delivery system we have with 98-cents of every dollar going directly to patient services compared with only 80-cents from private-sector insurance companies. It is imperative that Medicare remains the predictable and dependable health care program for seniors that it has been since Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed it into law in 1965, and Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and George W. Bush expanded it in 1969 and 2003. Some would cut Medicare benefits or do away with it altogether in favor of private insurance.