“Physical activity is a simple, inexpensive pain relief option for most people suffering from arthritis,” said Patience White, M.D., chief public health officer, Arthritis Foundation (AF) in a press release.

“Walking just 10 minutes, three times a day can ease joint pain, improve mobility and reduce fatigue often associated with arthritis.”

Too cold to walk outside?  Not wanting to pay for a gym membership?

The beauty of walking is that you can do it anywhere.  Think of large, enclosed, public areas — your office building, your child’s school, the mall.  All are perfect places in which you can walk.

While easing the pain of arthritis, you’ll also be working against gaining weight — a problem the AF pinpoints to this time of year.

“With holiday events and celebrations, many Americans overeat. The lack of activity and improper diet lead to other common problems like obesity,” the AF said in a press release.
Obesity — like inactivity — leads to an increase in pain for some arthritis sufferers.

“The prevalence of obesity continues to rise, even though it can often be prevented by staying active through simple activities such as walking,” said Dr. White. “A weight loss of 15 pounds can decrease the pain due to osteoarthritis by 50 percent.”

Furthermore, the AF points out that, contrary to old myths, cold weather does not cause arthritis.  But for some people it can make the symptoms more noticeable.

Throughout November and December, the Arthritis Foundation offers families and friends the opportunity to start a tradition of fitness. In more than 100 communities around the country, the Foundation hosts its Jingle Bell Run/Walk event, nationally sponsored for the second year by ThermaCare Arthritis HeatWraps. Each year, tens of thousands of people take part in these holiday-themed events by donning festive costumes and taking to the streets to raise funds and educate others about the health benefits of physical activity.

To find a Run/Walk near you, visit the CreakyJoints EVENTS section and search for your hometown, your state, or major nearby communities.

To read the Arthritis Foundation’s press release, click on the link below:

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