The Arthritis Foundation has released a new edition of their popular book for parents, “Raising a Child with Arthritis.”

The book was produced last month to coincide with Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month and “addresses many of the concerns parents have about [juvenile arthritis (JA)] from diagnosis and treatments to family and financial issues,” reports.

The Foundation aims to offer solutions to parents, while breaking down complex terminology.

Some of the features include:

  • facts about various types of JA
  • information about new treatments such as biologic drugs
  • practical information on giving shots
  • navigating the education system
  • coping with flares
  • managing daily activities without pain

Also, parents and young adults who battled the disease share their first-hand experiences.

“It is important for all parents of children with arthritis to gain knowledge about the disease so it doesn’t overshadow their child’s life,” said Dr. Patience H. White, Arthritis Foundation chief public health officer and a pediatric rheumatologist, to “With one in 250 children diagnosed with arthritis or related conditions, it is essential for parents to feel empowered to assist their child.

“This book can help them understand more about their child’s disease and treatment options to improve the quality of life for their child and family.”

The book can be purchased online at:

Or on the phone by calling:  (800) 283-7800

To read a news article on the release, to purchase the book itself, or to read a sample from the book, click on the links below:

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