Deadly Disease Can Now Be Prevented


The FDA has approved TRUMENBA, a new Pfizer vaccine that protects against Meningitis B. Meningitis is a deadly and fast-acting disease that feels like a cold, and can kill its victims, usually teenagers and 20-somethings, in a day or two.


Although the disease is relatively uncommon, the high mortality rate prompted the FDA to accelerate TRUMENBA approval, announcing October 29 that it would be available. It was reviewed and approved under the FDA’s Breakthrough Therapy designation and Priority Review programs.


“Meningococcal meningitis B is a devastating disease, which though rare, significantly impacts affected individuals and families,” said Frankie Milley, Meningitis Angels, Founder/National Executive Director and mother to an only child who died from meningitis.


“Vaccines have been available and recommended since 2005 to help protect against four other serogroups of meningococcal disease, and we hope that TRUMENBA will become a recommended vaccine in routine adolescent immunization programs to help prevent meningococcal B disease.”


“Meningococcal disease can progress from initial symptoms to death within 24 hours, and is often challenging to diagnose and distinguish from diseases that are more common and less serious, making preventative vaccination critically important,” said study investigator Stanley L. Block, MD, pediatrician at Kentucky Pediatric/Adult Research.

TRUMENBA is administered as a 3-dose series at months 0, 2 and 6 in the 10 through 25 year old age group.


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