Woman grabbing her backIf all continues to go well in the last stretch of seven years of clinical trials, a new non-opioid pain drug aimed at the CJ community for conditions including osteoarthritis and low back pain could be in the market next year. The drug tanezumab, is an injectable biologic. It is a Pifzer/Lilly joint effort and is also being tested for cancer pain.

More information is hard to come by because the FDA prevents drug companies from saying much while the drug is in trials.  Read the latest Reuters story.

If you don’t want to wait until 2018 there are clinical trials spots still open for Tanezumab. They range from 16 to 56 weeks. Click here for more information or call 877-355-1989.

Let us know if you sign up by emailing [email protected]. We want to follow this potentially life-changing drug as well as your progress in this ground-breaking, non-opioid pain treatment.