According to Healio, when using a more detailed explanation of disease activity in a global rheumatoid arthritis patient assessment tool, researchers found patients reported higher ratings of disease activity and lower rates of remission.

Via a multi-country study, researchers examined responses to a more detailed question on how specifically the patient’s arthritis affected them. Along with just asking the traditional question: “Considering all of the ways your arthritis has affected you, how do you feel your arthritis is today?” the study added a version of the question which included the following details for context, “Active arthritis can cause joint swelling OR stiffness, pain OR discomfort in your joints. WITH ACTIVE ARTHRITIS, You CAN BE tired during the day, even when you’ve slept well.”

In the article, the researchers noted, “Against our expectations, a more detailed explanation of ‘disease activity’ led to higher ratings on the PtGA (patient global assessment) scale, and lower remission rates,” the researchers wrote. “It appears to increase awareness of and attention to specific symptoms related to RA disease activity, which would otherwise be discounted.”

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