UCB and OXO are offering arthritis patients a new syringe built specifically for the challenges rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients face when self-administrating their medicine.

UCB’s Cimzia — recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults with moderately to severely active RA — comes in the new prefilled syringe, which comes with the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation.

In public statements, company spokespeople have emphasized the importance of designing a syringe and packaging components that take into account the dexterity challenges RA patients face — even accounting for different grip styles and strengths.

cimzia_injector02.jpg“This syringe, a result of our partnership with OXO, demonstrates UCB’s commitment to patients with severe diseases,” said Roch Doliveux, UCB’s CEO in a press release.  “I am proud of the fact that people living with rheumatoid arthritis worked directly with the design and engineering teams to develop this syringe.

“We have designed a syringe that that takes into account some of the challenges that come with self-injection … [and] our long-term partnership with OXO will allow us to help make everyday living easier for rheumatoid arthritis patients.”

UCB and OXO brought in patients to assess the syringes available in the market place and the UCB prototype.  This led to the redesign of many aspects of the syringe and its packaging.

According to the press release, Cimzia’s prefilled syringe is designed with the following in mind:

  • Easy to grip wide flange (finger grips) — soft, non-slip grip allows patients to hold the syringe steady using various grip positions.
  • Easy to remove needle cover — rounded finger loop for easy removal of needle cover; flared needle cap designed to reduce needle pricks due to recoil.
  • Easy to push syringe plunger — large and soft thumb pad for patients to push the plunger.
  • Easy to read syringe barrel — magnified barrel helps ensure patients receive entire dose as they can see the medicine inside and know when they have injected all of it.
  • Easy to grip elliptical barrel — elliptical barrel for patients to grip and helps prevent slippage during patient handling.
  • Easy to open packaging — the cover with a rounded corner uses Velcro for easy opening and resealing; large, easy-to-read directions and clear visuals instruct patients how to use the pack and administer/inject Cimzia; and lastly, the plastic housing inside with a large finger recess allows patients to easily remove the syringe.