Meet the author: Unexpected Blessings Review



Roxanne Black was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 15. Before that, she had been the picture of health, an active, athletic teenager.  She found herself lonely and eventually founded the online Friend’s Health Connections so that people suffering from a chronic illness could find someone to talk to; someone the same age with the same health challenge.  Although Roxanne has undergone two kidney transplants, she is thriving, as a wife, mother of a toddler and the author of “Unexpected Blessings.”

Roxanne:After everything I’ve been through, I’m more grateful for the little things. I say that I am ‘grateful for the mundane” and when life is just average, to me it’s just wonderful. Even through life’s most difficult challenges I think there are blasting and gifts that are to be found if we are open to seeing them”

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