If you could make a difference in someone’s life in one minute, wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would! Everyone has a minute to spare to help others. One minute, 60 seconds to make a difference in babies, children, teens, young adults and all adults lives. You, yes, you can make a  difference.

oneminuteCSblogCaptureIt’s called advocacy. It’s simple; it’s easy, it’s important. Why you ask? Because we vote for our legislators, we put them in office and then we more or less forget about them until the next election.

But wait!!! They owe us something for our vote and loyalty. They owe us one minute of time to ask for help and in this case it’s help for RA patients and JA Kids. They have assistants that are just waiting for your calls and e-mails so they can pass on your info to the people you elected! People and children who can’t find a rheumatologist in their area. Families that can’t afford the newer, better meds.

What can our legislators do? They can support and vote for the bills that are in progress right this very minute! Bills that can make it easier for a doctor to choose rheumatology as his practice of choice because their student loans would be taken care of. Results: No more shortage of rheumatologist. Bills that make it easier and more affordable for patients to get their medicines. Results: Kids and adults are able to have more productive lives.

Yes, these bills are pending now!

And believe it or not it only takes a message, a phone call, a text, or an email to your legislators. It only takes a minute of your time and your voice will be heard. Can you even imagine the power if every single person who had JA or RA sent a message? What about their family and friends sending messages? I guarantee the people we supported and voted for would be working hard to get these bills passed because they would recognize the power of our group and how that would impact their staying in office.

I never understood the power of the people until I started advocating on Capitol Hill. I made connections with my legislators and kept in touch with one-minute emails or phone calls. They now listen, they know that I won’t give up. YOU can help without even going to the hill.

Here’s How:

Go to Seth’s 50 State Network on the Internet and look under “Issues” and “Media News” to see what bills are in play.  Join in with them as an advocate. All the information about current bills you need is on this page.

And/or locate the phone numbers and names of your legislators by calling the US Capitol at 202-224-3121. They will give you all the contact information to reach the legislators in your area. Then call, write, email.

I guarantee your one-minute gift will make a difference, especially if you give it on a regular basis. Mark your calendars. You have more power in one minute than many countries have in a lifetime.

Give that one-minute gift.