Day 2: Let’s take a trip back to the hospital…

Not going to sugar coat it. I am suffering, bad today. It’s been downhill ever since the pain block wore off. The pain is beyond excruciating. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. I cry every time I move, even just slightly…making it impossible to get up. Feel so sick I don’t want to talk or open my eyes. Had to go back to the hospital for them to figure out why I’m in so muchu pain. I tried convincing myself that I was over reacting, only because I was horrified at the thought of the car ride to the hospital. But I went – well my parents drove me.

When we got to the hospital, we pulled up the emergency entrance and my Mom told me that it took nearly 10 mins just to get a wheel chair for me. I was fading in and out while waiting in the car.

There was a lot of pain, crying, and trying not to throw up at the doctors. They removed the original dressing put on after surgery to check my wrist – which they said look fine. Turns out the reason I was in so much pain was because I have developed a high tolerance to morphine, one of the strongest pain meds available. Go figure. So, they increased my dosage (yeah I’m on A LOT of morphine) and sent me home. Made it home just in time to vomit 4 times in the drive way.

Day 5: Today, I brushed my hair without any help. Feeling thankful for my cane – I wouldn’t be getting in/out of bed or the couch, or moving around the house without it. I’m still not eating much yet. PS – I hate morphine. I’ve felt like a zombie all week and it’s getting old.

Day 6: Today has been full of naps, with short periods of being awake to eat and watch TV. Pain level was more manageable than yesterday (still high), which is probably why I slept so much throughout the day. Also had a couple visitors bearing desert and dinner – crazy amazing layered brownies and delicious chicken adobo. Thank you friends for taking care of me, either with food or messages.

Day 7: Today was a big day – I took a shower and kept Lawrence company in the car while he ran errands. By “keeping company”, I mean sleeping mostly. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I’m starting to get my pain management under control finally. I’ve choose to go the all-natural pain relief route (with the exception of Tylenol), and stopping the morphine. To be clear, I don’t mean my pain level is low or under control. I’m referring to how I’m managing the pain. Haven’t had morphine since yesterday morning and I’m feeling so much better today without its side effects. In other news, I was able to put my own slippers on today. RA is irritated due to the rain, so now we are relaxing next to a glorious fire. I’ll be asleep in minus 30 seconds…

Day 8: Rough day today on my mental. High pain didn’t help. Starting to feel a different kind of pain in my hand and hip today – sharp and throbbing constant pains in the areas of trauma/surgical sites. It’s like I can feel the metal parts in my hand. In addition to feeling a new kind of pain, I’m also starting to feel down… helpless, bored, and exhausted from pain. Hoping to shake this funk soon. Early post op roller coaster sucks!

Day 11: Had my first post op appointment today. I was supposed to get a new heavy duty cast on… but that didn’t happen. They opened my cast and took off the bandages to find that I’m having a pretty knarly allergic reaction on both sites (wrist/hand and hip). Both looked like week old zombie infected bites. Blistering, inflammation, oozing, swelling, redness, bumpy. Sorry if that’s TMI, it truly is knarly looking.

The reaction was caused by adhesive on the tapes they used. It really makes me mad, because “tape adhesive allergy” is in red letters in my file. I even stressed the allergy to the nurses while they prepped me for surgery. Ugh….this sucks. Now I’m in a splint, and have to clean and then apply meds to both sites 3 times a day. Which is difficult to do in itself being I have only one good hand. So before I can be put in a proper cast, these zombie bites must heal first.

Sounds easy right? Nope, not in the slightest for someone with a chronic illness and no immune system. As you can tell, I’m not spewing with positivity at the moment. My surgeon said to me, “no one said this would be easy… and I know that you are someone who never has it easy.” He was right. In better news, he says my x-ray is perfect.

Day 12: Short post, as my body and mind are exhausted from today’s outing. After yesterday’s horrible news at my post op appointment, I wasn’t in the best of spirits. But today I got out of the house on my own for the first time since before surgery to support and cheer for my best friend at her first powerlifting competition. Just what I needed to take my mind off of everything I’m going through. I’ll probably be paying for it tomorrow but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. It was so worth it to experience such a special milestone with my friend.

Week 2: Yesterday marked 2 weeks into my post op roller coaster, and I’m definitely in full on warrior mode. I don’t want to jinx it by saying this, but I’m feeling pretty good physically and mentally (well, not always). Zombie virus sites are healing… hip site is scabbing and let me tell you I’ve never been so happy to see my body scabbing. It’s no walk in the park caring for these two patient zero sites 3x a day, but I’m starting to see that it’s worth it, 10 fold. RA is angry in my right elbow, left hand and knees which I expected would happen.

But the good news is, that for the most part my post op and RA pain is well managed. Because of this, I’ve been able to do more things by myself – getting into sitting position/getting back up, wrapping my arm in the splint, getting dressed (almost), putting shoes on, and I even drove my car a couple times! Tomorrow I go back to my surgeon to check on healing progress. Fingers crossed. Thank you so very much to all of those sending healing well wishes and prayers. .. I truly believe that they are playing a major role in my recovery. I’m so grateful for your support.

Week 2: I apologize if the pic on the left grosses anyone out… but it is necessary for comparison purposes. Left pic was taken 6 hrs after the cast came off (and if you can believe it, was already an improvement of what it originally looked like). After 5 long days of cleaning and treating both wrist and hip 3x a day, being in a removable splint, and taking prednisone – behold, the right pic! Right pic was taken today at my 2nd post op appointment. Surgeon says my incisions are sealed and looking perfect and that the patient zero reaction sites are healed. Now I’ve got a heavy duty full arm cast on (arm bent at 90 degrees). This means its go time. The true healing quest begins now – bone graft and metal implants all have to heal together as they are supposed to. Please send all the healing energy you’ve got my way!

Week 2: Was excited that I got my shoes on by myself… until I realized I can’t tie them. Won’t be wearing these today, LOL. In other thoughts – I just want to ride my (#@! $) bike! Almost 3 weeks post op and I’m running out of things to keep my mind occupied from triathlon. Have I mentioned I’m not good at sitting still? PS – No more swollen sausage fingers. Boom! Only took nearly 3 weeks but who’s counting…