Pets and Arthritis

Pets and arthritis–a topic we don’t often talk about. We can forget that everyday pets help people with arthritis and related conditions. Our pets are often our best friends, but did you know that caring for your pet can have positive health benefits?

Having arthritis and/or one of the co-morbid (happening simultaneously) diseases can be debilitating. These diseases take away many parts of our lives. While there is lots of important talk about treatments, lifestyle changes and supportive services we often fail to include animals in the discussion.  From first being diagnosed to getting treatments, we know that pets can provide deep comfort and support.

But don’t take our word for it. On both our website and Facebook page we heard and saw the pet love from people living with chronic diseases. We read comment after comment about how you found your pets help improve your overall health outcomes (that is unless you are allergic to them). Here’s what we learned:


Caring for a pet can

  • Improve mood
  • Get you moving
  • Provide comfort
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help fight loneliness and depression


 In your own voices. Pet owners share on the CreakyJoints Facebook page: 

  • She [my dog] keeps me moving.”
  • “My two cats definitely help me get through bad days! They climb on me and snuggle and I love it!
  • “He [my dog] helps me stay happy and moving. A lot of people abandon you when you’re sick all the time. He loves me unconditionally!”
  • My pets SAVED MY LIFE. Period.”
  • “My dog sat next to me while I did my RA med injection today. Such a comfort!


Tell us in the comment section how you feel about your pet! It’s important to acknowledge and share all that our animals do for us.

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