Let’s get back to our discussion on money!

Being sick is expensive, as we’ve all agreed.  But there are ways to help ease the pain.  Last time we talked about saving money.  Now let’s talk about making money!

Now, I don’t just mean a day job.  I am lucky enough to have a job where I can work from home.  It makes working a full time job so much easier for me.  But not everyone can.  And considering how much money goes to being sick, a little bit extra is always welcome!

First: Sell what you don’t need/use

I do a thorough clean out of my home at least twice a year.  I know most people don’t do this as often as I do, I just don’t enjoy clutter.  And I try to make money on as much as I can when it comes to what I’m getting rid of.  Here is where most of it goes:

  • Furniture, Kitchen Appliances or Tools: Craigslist or OfferUp
  • Books and DVDs: Amazon Trade In (They pay for shipping and give you amazon credit!)
  • Books: Used Book Store (Anything Amazon doesn’t accept, I take to a local used bookstore)
  • Clothes, Shoes, Accessories: Poshmark (Consignment stores are also great!)
  • Anything I can’t sell, I donate to charity.  It’s a great tax write off!

Second: Make money with your phone!

Almost everyone has a smart phone these days.  And they are a great way to make money!  Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • ShopKick: This one gives you points for going into stores and/or scanning certain items.  If you are out and about a lot, it’s easy to rack up points! You can trade them in for gift cards.
  • ReceiptHog: This one gives you points for scanning your receipts.  The points take a big longer to add up, but it’s still free money! You can also trade them in for gift cards.
  • Walmart Savings: Walmart has an app where you scan your Walmart purchases, and if any of them are advertised for lower prices elsewhere they give you a giftcard credit for Walmart!

There are other ones out there too.  I’ve heard of ones that pay you to work out.  The catch there is if you say you’re going to work out and don’t, you owe them money.  Since having arthritis can be unpredictable, I haven’t done that one.

Third: Sell your crafts!

Not everyone crafts, so I’ll keep this short.  But if you’re an artist, sell your work!  Etsy is the most popular option.  But there are all kinds of things out there.

Fourth: Surveys

Now, there are all kinds of places out there that you can make money taking surveys.  Some take longer than others.  My personal favorite is UserTesting.  This one isn’t a normal survey site.  You test out websites and give your opinions.  It’s really easy, sometimes very interesting, and they pay well!  Each one takes 10-20 minutes max.  If you do the test on your computer or phone its $10.  If you do the test on your phone and computer, it’s $15.  Easy peasy!

Fifth: Healthcare Market Research

This is related to the surveys of course, but it’s an entirely different beast.  I actually work for a healthcare market research firm, so this isn’t an option for me, but I highly recommend it.  There are many companies who

Living with Arthritis Money

Living with Arthritis Money

have patient panels you can sign up for!  The research varies.  There are online surveys and there are also qualitative interviews.  They tend to take a bit longer, but also pay very well!  I personally wish I had the option of being involved in this, because market research is such an important part of treatment development and options.

Sometimes nonprofit organizations, like CreakyJoints, provide paid surveys to help advance research. Make sure to sign up as CreakyJoints member to get alerts.

I hope all of this helps!

Keep in mind none of these are big money makers, but every little bit helps!