Now that I’m no longer a student, the summer does not have as much allure as it used to.  I’m deep in applying-for-jobs-mode, and that’s decidedly less fun than summer is when you’re waiting for school to start again.

summergiveyesCaptureSo I wanted to do something fun for summer, so I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog.  These giveaways are very much chronically ill/arthritis related.


  • Scough – Scough is this super cool company out of Brooklyn. They’ve taken wearing a mask to a whole new level.  As someone who has had to wear a mask on a plane before, the Scough, while there, is less obtrusive than simply wearing a mask.  And it doubles as a scarf, both when you’re using the mask/filter and when you are not.  I had to wear a mask on plane one time when my doctor told me that was the only way she would clear me to travel.  It was embarrassing, uncomfortable, and all around annoying.  As someone who is also very sensitive to smell due to lupus (and as someone who frequents the NYC subway system), I could also see how this can be useful in situations where I am overcome by odor to the point of getting nauseous.  For more information on this product, check out  I am giving away one free Scough.


  • Make Great Light NaturaLux Fluorescent Light Filters – Many of us with lupus, including myself, experience photosensitivity from fluorescent lights. This is a really pesky symptom, especially considering that fluorescent lights are everywhere.  For more information on this product, check out  I am giving away a set of light filters.


  • Adult Coloring Books – I am giving away two coloring books, either a Stress Less Coloring – Flower Patters: 100+ Coloring Pages for Peace and Relaxation or Stress Less Coloring – Mandalas.


To enter, please visit my blog – – for more details.  All it really entails is commenting on why you could use whichever of the items in the giveaway you want.  There are also some additional promo codes you can take advantage of, as well.


Entry will be open until July 17, 2015.  Winners will be notified in reply to their comment(s) section of my blog.