Fatigue and arthritis

From bone crushing exhaustion to feeling like we can’t get anything done, fatigue is a common problem that plagues our community. It’s a shared experience, and it’s important to talk about fatigue as a symptom with your doctor and healthcare providers. Feelings of guilt often accompany fatigue, but we must remember that we don’t have to feel guilty for taking care of ourselves. We have the ability to say “no” to invitations and plans for the sake of self-care.

We asked our Facebook community to describe “fatigue” in three words. Here are some of the responses we got:

Death without dying Exhausting, relentless, endless I Just Can’t All the time I’m not able… It’s my normal Lose all motivation Drowning, dark, lonely Frustrating, depressing, embarrassing   Over….well….ming. Tired as hell. Every Single Day Drains my life!! Mummy can’t ______ (insert appropriate word here)  Kicks. My. Ass. influenza without end Out of energy… Don’t want to Getting nothing done  Depressing, lonely, misunderstanding Bed All Day Ruins. My. Life. Hell on earth Oppressive relentless devastating  Exhausted by Exhaustion!   Must rest now  Annoying. Unwelcome. Inconvenient. limited, frustrating, lonely Can’t go further! Lame. Challenging. Normal.   It just sucks! Not enough energy  Dragging, exhaustion, weakness On my arse Damn Damn damn Devastating relentless exhaustion  Unable to move  Energy depleting… Nothingness  Short nap now  fall asleep standing  Stuck in quicksand  bone crushing exhaustion  I’m too tired Always surrounding me  Back to bed  It is debilitating  Lord have mercy! Unable to breathe Dark, Itchy, Blanketed. I can’t even  Life is over! Ball and Chain  Uncontrollable unpredictable obstacle Can’t do ANYTHING  Totally wiped out   Every freaking day…… Daily ache insomnia   Enough for today enervation, languor, lethargy Exhausting, so exhausting. Pain, anxiety, insomnia!  Dragging lead-laden body  Heavy, thick, unmotivating  Painful tear inducing xx  Loss of living All the time Just too tired Frustrating, Depressing, tiresome Running on empty Painfully bone tired Hurting, frustrated, beaten Ouch ouch ouch Lonely, depressed, tired Waking up exhausted Life sucking beast Omg Never give up Every Friggin Day