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We at the Global Healthy Living Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission focuses on education, support, advocacy, and research for people living with chronic illness, have been in 24/7 contact with our patient communities since COVID-19 started to spread across the globe in January 2020.

Our research team sought to understand what people who are at high risk for coronavirus complications are currently thinking, feeling, and doing with regard to many aspects of managing their health during this unprecedented health crisis. We surveyed more than 350 people between March 19 and 23, 2020. Below is an infographic that summarizes some of our main findings.

Key takeaways include:

High-risk patients have been doing a lot to prepare for self-quarantine but have not done as much asking help — such as with grocery shopping or getting other essential supplies — from other people.

High-risk patients have a lot of anxiety due to a lot of different reasons. Read more here about causes of anxiety.

High-risk patients generally feel supported by loved ones and friends. Of those who work, a majority report that their workplace is being supportive.

High-risk patients are craving more information from their health care providers.

High-risk patients think their state and local government is managing the outbreak better than the federal government is.

Coronavirus Survey Infographic

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