Lene Anderson discusses opioids – Part 1

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In her book, “7 facets: a Meditation on Pain”, Lene Andersen talks about how she gets along with her chronic Arthritic pain by having conversations with it.

Andersen:” You say ‘if I take these painkillers and I have a nap, I’d like to do this’ and the pain goes “well, okay”

Andersen says she has no choice but to create what she calls ‘a partnership with pain, since it wasn’t going away. It’s an approach she recommends:

Andersen:  “Stop trying to avoid it and stop focusing quite so much on it, mostly because although  you might be able to affect its intensity with drugs or naps or any other types of coping mechanism, it just never goes away entirely. So, once you reach that acceptance, you also realize the pain isn’t the worst thing that can happen, that what’s worst thing is not living your life”