Dr. Krant discusses Opioids

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Dr. Jonathan Krant, Chief Medical Officer of CreakyJoints and Chief of Rheumatology for the Adirondack Health Systems, knows your chronic pain. If you take Opioids, he says, you know what it’s like to have your life revolve around your meds.

Krant: “The problem is that a lot of chronic pain patients are taking immediate release types of medication and need to take multiple doses through the day and that is a big problem in terms of numbers of pills required, their expense and the difficulty in obtaining them”

And the solution?

Krant:  “We have to make available extended release or long acting drug, understanding, though, that there is a population of people out there that who attempt to snort, inject and otherwise, abuse these extended-release formulations”

And that, says Dr. Krant, is a whole discussion unto itself.

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