CreakyJoints recently asked its members “what improvements would you like to see within your doctor’s waiting room?”

Here is what patients suggested, prioritized by popularity:

  1. Softer chairs
  2. Updated magazines
  3. Separate waiting room for contagious people
  4. Footstools to elevate feet
  5. Less waiting time and increased communication when a longer than expected wait occurs
  6. Higher seats
  7. Better spacing between seats
  8. Snacks, including coffee, tea and water (especially water)
  9. Better/more accessible Wi-Fi
  10. Easier to open office doors

Honorable mentions:

  • More accessible parking
  • Hand sanitizer

Did you know that CreakyJoints has launched a Free Wi-Fi program to allow patients and their families to safely and securely access the Internet from within their doctor’s offices and infusion centers, at no cost to the patient or healthcare provider? Click here to learn more.