anti-inflammatory-eating_819eac1d-211c-4d8b-b61a-939034333633_largeHealthy eating looks especially appetizing in a cheerful new cookbook created by three dietitians. “Anti-Inflammatory Eating: Recipes From Your Dietitian’s Kitchen,” by Chloe McLeod, Monica Kubizniak and Kate Bennet for BJC Health, features more than 50 recipes designed to help manage inflammation. Easy-to-follow instructions for hunger-inducing dishes like ginger poached chicken, turmeric snapper, savory muffins, warm quinoa and lentil salad (with roasted vegetables and asparagus), and hazelnut and banana smoothie are accompanied by nutrition information and artful photographs. The book also includes tips on eating strategies, supplements and foods to avoid, and offers a helpful anti-inflammatory pantry list. To learn more or to purchase “Anti-Inflammatory Eating,” click here.