Layne Martin

LayneM Layne M

Layne is 54 years old and has Psoriatic Arthritis. She has worked her whole career as a Registered Nurse (35 years), over 20 years in the ER. She absolutely loved her work, but was forced into early retirement due to arthritis. She has lived all of her life in Washington State but 2 years ago moved to Nevada to be closer to her daughter and her growing family. Her favorite things are to play with her grandbabies, play in her garden and of course shopping! Layne’s goal thru Creaky Joints is to be able to reach out and help others with Arthritis related illnesses. There are so many things she has learned in the past couple of years from getting on medical disability, diet and exercise, to gadgets for your home to make life easier.

Layne provides support in Texas, and can be reached at [email protected]