Welcome to TalkingJoints, a new slice of life where author and all-around raconteur Daniel Malito reports on life with Rheumatoid Arthritis with his sharp wit and keen eye for the absurd.

Those who know Daniel from his “Dan’s du Journal” on CreakyJoints and his column for Huffington Post, as well as his newly-released autobiography, So Young, also know he is a writer who has lived with RA for over 25 years who can put pain to paper in a way no other can.

We have been enjoying his voice–his innermost thoughts, his pain, his humor grounded in truth– and now you can literally hear his voice on TalkingJoints, a new just-about 5-minute storytelling series starring Daniel that CreakyJoints is delighted to sponsor.


TalkingJoints with Daniel Malito—
“You will laugh, you will learn, you will relate and hopefully, you will laugh again”-

Stacey Cahn, Producer, TalkingJoints


“TalkingJoints is the natural evolution of my blog and the crazy, unbelievable things that happen to me on a regular basis.  This storytelling series makes the perfect partner for my many thoughts, views, and feelings. So, come share my laughs, my anger, and my tears!” -Daniel Malito 


 CJ-TalkingJoints Episode # 1 “King of the Revolving Doors”Welcome to my world!


 CJ-TalkingJoints Episode # 2 “Staring Contest What are you looking at?”


 CJ-TalkingJoints Episode # 3 “Elevator Wars Give me a lift!”


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