Dr. Matthew Kearns and veterinary care for your animals

Dr. Matthew Kearns is a veterinarian and owner of the Countryside Animal Hospital in Port Jefferson, New York where he and his staff go to great lengths to help pets and the people who care for them. Dr. Kearns has treated a lot of animals afflicted with arthritis, especially dogs.

Kearns: “There’s been a shift in veterinary medicine as in human medicine to go ahead and try to use holistic type approaches. Things like supplements instead of medications. Or supplements with less medication, Physical therapy”

Dr. Kearns says you have to be your animal’s advocate and ask yourself the following questions:

Kearns: “Is your pet having difficult time getting comfortable in the evening especially when it’s time to go to bed? If they sleep either in your bed or near your bed, are they constantly getting up and down? It actually could be a sign of chronic arthritic pain”

And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn