Cara Zelas and Little Dude: Part 2

Cara Zelas and Little Dude, a bichon-shitzu mix are part of a therapy team, not just at home with husband and CreakyJoints co-founder Seth Ginsberg, but with the Good Dog Foundation, the largest animal-assisted therapy group on the East Coast. Cara and Little Dude make the rounds, including visits to a school for autistic children and the pediatric wing of a hospital in New York. The magic begins as they enter the lobby:

ZELAS: “He has this cute little Burberry style trench coat and I’ll walk through the hospital and I get so many smiles”

Cara said she had no expectations:

ZELAS: You see that he has an effect on people even if it’s just for one moment, or for ten minutes, or for a half hour, if he’s there to distract someone in a positive way then you know that’s wonderful”


And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn