Cara Zelas and Little Dude: Part 1

If you’re a regular reader of Seth’s Diary, the blog of CreakyJoints Co-founder Seth Ginsberg, you know about Little Dude, the bichon – shitzu poodle that occupies the home and hearts of Seth and his wife, Cara Zelas:

ZELAS: “He gives us joy and laughter, cuddles and warmth”

And Little Dude does help relieve Seth’s pain:

ZELAS: “You have to make sure you walk a dog, everyday, twice a day and that’s been really good for Seth because it gives him a reason to walk around the block, even if it’s a short walk and nothing stressful. He’s the one that takes him for a walk in the morning and it gives Seth an opportunity to get out and stretch his legs”

And the emotional benefit from being greeted by a four-footed, tail wagging friend at the end of a hard day is immeasurable to someone in chronic pain.

And that’s a CJ Wrap, I’m Stacey Cahn