Getting things done when you have arthritis is not easy. If you have a crazy-making brain like me, you start the day with the best of Tomatointentions and have a long list of things you plan to get done. You have so much hope in the morning! And then, maybe an hour later, you feel pain in your neck. That neck pain turns into a headache and soon you want to cry and burn your to-do list in a raging fire (or is that just me?) I’m a productivity nut and one trick I’ve found to help me accomplish many personal and work tasks is “The Pomodoro technique.” If you aren’t yet familiar with this technique, it’s pretty simple: you use a timer to attack your pressing to-do list in chunks of 15-25 minutes. The time pressure keeps you focused (instead of multi-tasking) and the buzzer is a great reminder to get up and move around. You can download many different Pomodoro apps to your computer, use the stopwatch on your phone, or use an old-fashioned stopwatch around your neck. The key is to focus on one task at a time—and when your time is up, get up and stretch those achy joints and muscles! To learn more, go to