Yesterday I met my mother at Costco to help her “shlep” cases of water and soda into her car. It occurred to me that, besides being among the less qualified children in the family to help her, I’m probably among the most obligated to pitch in. After all, I know pretty darn well how it feels to lift something heavy and have an achy back for the next two days. And her hands and wrists aren’t doing so well lately which is all the more reason to drop everything to help.

But it got me to thinking – if it took arthritis in my back and her hands (and everywhere else) to bring us together…then by all accounts I’m a pretty lucky guy. How many other mother-son relationships are based on a commonality like arthritis and an affinity for Costco?

I’d never pass up a trip to go shopping in bulk or an opportunity to see my mom. And you bet I’d never pass up a chance to help her. She has been strong enough to raise four children. It’s her handling a 36-pack of bottled water that worries me.

So the next time you feel a little crummy, consider that elsewhere someone feels far worse. And maybe they need a hand. If you’re like me, two semi-functioning hands equal one strong hang. And who doesn’t like shopping in bulk?