Yesterday I came home to find new light bulbs in the elevators in my building. I noticed them right away – the elevator was dramatically brighter. I thought to myself “wow, two new light bulbs really changes everything” – and then pondered the idiocy of that thought. By the time I got off the elevator, however, I was back to appreciating what a little light can do in your life.

The same really holds true for a lot of things. Take a day when you don’t want to get out of bed because of lots of homework, annoying meetings (have had one or two of those in my short life), stressful presentations or all of the above. For me it takes one good thing – something positive – to make all of those other stressful thoughts to fall by the wayside. Sometimes it’s as simple as yummy leftovers for lunch.

As is the case for the way I feel. If I’m having a particularly bad day – and I feel crummy and creaky and lose a battle (and the ensuing dignity) to a jar of marinara – it only takes one nice thought to cheer things up.

So these new elevator lights have kind of changed everything. They have brightened the beginning and end of my day and now remind me to think of something bright and happy. It seriously goes a long way.

Now if we can only do something about the smell in the hallway.