Last week I had the privilege of being the final speaker to present to the 2013 World Stem Cell Summit. This three day event had more than 200 faculty members presenting about the science, medicine, research, ethics, regulations and business related to stem cells and regenerative medicine to a packed, several-thousand attendee conference. And it ended on a high point! (Just kidding)(But not really…). Seth takes part in world’s flagship stem cell event

The last message to the “hanger-on’s” was all about advocacy. I stressed the importance of mobilizing and coming together as patients, families, communities, with the common message and objective of advancing stem cell and regenerative medicine research, so that we the patients – and our families and communities – can one day hopefully benefit from the advancements.

We’re on the cusp of some amazing medical breakthroughs. In our lifetime, we have already seen quantum leaps in science and technology. Remember the pay phone? I don’t either. The same is true for many medical science. One day they’ll say “remember hip replacements?”

And it’s exciting to be involved in the future. Sure beats being only in the past…

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