As the official Spring Break rolls around each year, I always lament that I can’t run away from all of my projects at work, all of the phone calls I need to make to my doctors and insurance company, and all of the other nagging “to do” items that are hanging over my head from six months ago. It’d be so nice to just RUN AWAY from all the craziness in my head and catch a ride with some local college boys (my boyfriend’s opinion never enters my mind during these daydreams). When I was in college I didn’t take the typical south of the border MTV spring break vacay because of (a) limited funds, (b) a crazy rehearsal schedule and (c) health issues.

But now I can make my own decisions! The temptation for me is every time the weather gets a little bit warmer and the flowers are blooming, I want to do more, more, more! So when I schedule a trip I want to scale the highest mountain and tackle every major attraction in the tourist book, including those are only known to the locals (yes, I’m that girl, who loves to know about the off the beaten track adventure and live to tell about it.) But this spring I decided to pull back and do less. I planned two mini-spring breaks. I admit that these vacations were driven by two significant events in my life—my 10th anniversary with my boyfriend (wowza!) and my nephew’s 1st birthday—but nevertheless, they were trips to far away lands were I could kick off my heels and drown my feet (and worries) in the sand. So for two consecutive weekends I did just that—going from Mexico back to Houston for two days and then on to California. For a combined total of 9 days I started to release myself from the clutches of the “I should’s” and replace those thoughts with considerations of what type of margarita I should drink or which pool I should lounge by that afternoon.

It is so rare that we get to empty our minds of the noise. We must create these opportunities. And a little margarita, guacamole and sunshine certainly show us the way!