This was a fantastic week for CreakyJoints. We represented ourselves very well at the annual American College of Rheumatology – which as everyone probably knows by now, took place in San Diego this year. Where’s Noam Seth and the CreakyJoints gang storm the ACR 13 Castle

After going to ACR meetings for years (and years and years) we had a different approach this time around. Fan out, spread the good word of CreakyJoints, and learn as much as we can. And have some fun in the process.

The “Where’s Noam?” series became an instant hit, given that our intrepid (and I mean intrepid) data scientist Noam was also a deadpan for Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo?” series. Given that data and research can be very overwhelming, and cutting through the non-sense and understanding what’s important is like finding a needle in a haystack, we thought the analogy played out nicely. Plus it was great fun to watch the passers-by look at us funny as we snapped photos left and right of Noam holding up our latest research report about access-to-care and the many challenges we face getting the medicines we need.

Advocacy Joe – our patient advocate – was host and partner-in-advocacy with Rachelle, the patient winner of our Score Your RA program.  Joe and Rachelle (and her sweet husband Richard) were our online correspondents, meeting with organizations, people and of course doctors, learning about what’s new and sharing some info about CreakyJoints. Their videos are not to be missed.

Steve, our advocacy manager in charge of the public policy and regulatory issues we need to always tango with, was front and center in the meetings and symposiums, lending his perspective and experience on important subjects like biosimilars, specialty tiers and fail first.

Finally, Dr. Krant, our medical director, proved time and again that he was pretty much the smartest doctor in the building. No small task, considering there were thousands of doctors present. But ask anyone we met with, Dr. Krant speaks with more authority, experience (practicing rheumatologist for 20+ years) and education (those college rings look like Super Bowl rings) than your average doctor. Which was great for us because what we (read: he) learned last week will take weeks to digest but will be ours to understand for a long time to come.

It was a very special team this year, formed with a passion – to quote Billy Crystal in the Princess Bride – to “Have fun storming the castle!”