It's August- the month when any of us associate with vacation.

This year I am suggesting we take a vacation from trying.

Trying is an activity where we excel. We try to: feel better, get ahead, let go, get in shape, sleep, lose weight, get out of bed, wind down, power up. We are always trying to do something.

What if we just stopped. Stopped all that effort. Allowed ourselves to float, or sink, allowed whatever wanted to happen in our bodies and our lives?

It can be a scary thought.. But an intriguing one.

Not trying so hard at everything could be a relief. It might offer relief.

That's what vacation is. A time, a place, a state of mind where we change the everyday habits and relax. We rest our minds and empty our schedules. It's a lot like mindfulness or meditation where we move into an inner flow and discover what is always there waiting for us. Our deep inner Self who reminds us we have what we need – without trying…

Take a break – watch yourself, and every time you use the phrase "I'm trying to…" rewind and say the sentence another way. Give yourself the time and space not to try to do anything. Let your body and your life be. Even for a day.

Enjoy your vacation!