Turns out that the jinx kicked in – as predicted. Those long, ache-free walks and stiff-less mornings (an awkward way to describe waking up without morning stiffness) were relatively short-lived. I say “relatively” because after 13 years of arthritis, a month doesn’t feel that long. But for an old soul like mine…beat up and exhausted by a chronic disease like Spondyloarthropathy…we’ll take what we can get. If only it lasted longer.

These past few weeks have gone by so quickly that I almost knew it wouldn’t last. I was really on a roll – I woke up feeling great, I went to bed feeling great, and everything in between felt great. One thing I passively ignored was the gym: “things are good, don’t mess it up” I’d tell myself. Which, in retrospect, was probably the opposite view I should have taken. This time last week I could have spent an hour on the elliptical trainer. This morning I could only handle 12 minutes. I’m proud of those 12 minutes nonetheless. Should have gone to Vegas last month. I didn’t realize how lucky I was.

And here we are, sprinting – or limping – towards the finish line of 2007. At least we’re headed in the right direction.