Toss out cute cats and make room for adorable puppies

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Here we are, at another turn of the calendar page. Time to toss out the cute cats calendar, and make room for the adorable puppies!

I know I always write about how hard it is to believe that yet another year has passed. But it has, in what feels like a blink. Technically, this will be my 14th occasion Toss out cute cats and make room for adorable puppieswriting about the New Year in this diary, on this site. For Heaven’s sake, I need to take a minute to let that sink in.

The first New Year’s diary entry was back in 1999, when a New Year meant that the world was going to end because our computers were going to eat us. And to think, just a few days ago we thought the very same thing, except that a big hole would open up and the world would swallow us whole. Glad both of them turned out to be wrong.


And with every New Year comes a resolution, a renewed sense of optimism and a moment in time to reflect on the past and to project into the future.I’m feeling great about the path that we’re on, and I hope we keep an upward trajectory. In our world, that means better medical science. Improved access to care. And most importantly, fewer cranky days because of creaky joints!

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