Today I’m confronted with a really difficult decision. Granted it’s not the kind of decision that will make-or-break anything, but it’s difficult because it has broader implications: what the heck do I eat for lunch? The problem I’m facing – now and almost always – is that I want to eat something I like, but I also want to eat something that likes me. In other words what tastes great isn’t always what “fills you up” or satisfies a craving (the way a nice solid hamburger can. Oh dear that hamburger can do it to you every time). Instead I’m left choosing between another cobb salad versus something I really want.

We’re back on the road lately, meeting with doctors and advocacy groups and community leaders and support group organizers, and I’m feeling that “travel weight” pack on – the kind that comes with awkward sleeping, overnight munchies, and endless amounts of unhealthy food to choose from. And so I sit in my hotel room, stare hopelessly at the room service menu, and contemplate doing another 15 push-ups.

Come to think of it, I’d feel better ordering that club sandwich if I did another set of push-ups. If it works for the U.S. Army – the sweetest smelling army in the world – then it might actually work for me.

Captain Cobb, over and out.