There’s something about taking life one day at a time. It isn’t just an old man’s saying. It’s a philosophy I have adopted recently (as in the last 10 years or so) that is more and more applicable to my life and its outlook. “One day at a time” gives me a great chance to celebrate the here and now without fretting about the future.

I look around and see a lot of devastating stuff. Illness; tragedy; freak accidents. All of it enough to depress anyone if they thought hard enough. But for me, the blinders have slowly gone up and the future is a fantasy-on-hold. The real excitement is in the now.

Living life with a chronic disease like arthritis kind of forces you to do to this. It makes you realize that if you don’t work to make the present as ideal as possible (and overlook any issues the past may have caused) then you are doing yourself a major disservice. One day you can feel crummy; 24-hours later you can feel great. A blessing in disguise? For me, life’s lens. Arthritis makes it a pretty cool prism.