It’s been just over three years since the economy took a nosedive into the outhouse, and it does not seem to have gotten much better since then. Wall Street’s economic woes seem to have spread across the Atlantic where the European Union and its monetary system seem to be on the verge of collapse.

The Middle East’s Arab Spring has also brought additional unrest to an already politically unstable region.

Meanwhile, the United States Congress has been so polarized that it has brought the nation to the brink of what would have been an unprecedented default on the nation’s debt. Following this, credit rating agency, Standard & Poor’s downgraded U.S. debt, which was also unprecedented. The economy seems to be in uncharted waters, like a lost dog wandering through a new neighborhood with unfamiliar fire hydrants all around. Speculation by “too-big-to-fail” banks and sovereign nations on the brink of bankruptcy seems to be a common topic in the news. Yet still, corporations have been reported to be more cash-rich than ever.

The richest one percent in America control a majority of the nation’s wealth, leaving a troubled ninety-nine percent which has been underemployed and financially strained for about three years. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which started a protest at the financial heart of the U.S. has spread around the country, and the momentum of these protests does not seem to be waning.

Don’t even get me started on natural disasters around the world – earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes. 2011 has been a record year of natural disasters in the U.S. alone.

As a result of all this unrest in the world, where is the sympathy for Creak? My problems and irritability about my life and osteoarthritis seem to have taken a backstage on the world stage.

It’s simply time to pay attention to me again and get over it! Fetch me some water and a bone while you’re at it.

– Creak