This weekend I had the privilege of joining the Scleroderma Foundation for their annual patient education meeting in Dallas, Texas. Hundreds of people convened from all around the country to spend two days together talking about updates in research, treatments, support and advocacy. I had a chance to touch on the latter, opening up the second day’s sessions with an hour to talk about advocacy being a family affair.

What was so great about this conference was how positive everybody was about the future. We all took a moment to gaze into a world one day where a cure can take a painful and disruptive condition like Scleroderma, and squash its harmful effects.

The focus of the talk was all about being an advocate, and assembling a team of energy-creating people to make the case to legislators and the media. I was inspired by how many people were enthusiastically become advocates, and wanted more information on how to make a bigger difference.

The point to today: helping everyone understand that if we stand up and share our message, we will be heard. And we will make a difference.

I made new friends in Dallas this weekend, and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!