Fail first is important. This single, unilateral decision by health insurance companies, is changing healthcare delivery while increasing their profits.Fail first is when you are forced to fail on one, two, three, or even four drugs, before you can take the drug your physician has prescribed. Often the drugs you are forced to fail first on aren’t approved by the FDA to treat your condition.The justification for this policy is that it saves money. Actually, it makes money for the insurance company and costs you, your employer and your doctor time and money. The health insurance companies have implemented these policies in order to shift costs from themselves to others, and, in the process, you are not being effectively treated for your illness.The Global Healthy Living Foundation is fighting this practice, and our most potent force is you. If you have been forced to fail first, and you want to speak out about it to the media, send me an email. You could become part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation Patient Advocacy Institute as a spokesperson for fail first.You will undergo media training so you will be comfortable talking to reporters, being interviewed on TV or radio, and with bloggers. This volunteer position won’t take up much time, and will allow you to speak out about an issue important to you and millions of others.If you’re interested, email: Louis Tharp, Executive Director, Global Healthy Living Foundation.Tell me about yourself, your condition and the circumstances of your fail first experience.Thanks. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.-Lou TharpInterested in swimming? Louis has written a book about his experience coaching the West Point triathlon team. Learn more about his coaching and his own competitive swimming achievements at www.overachieversdiary.comLouis is also the swim coach for professional triathlete and West Point graduate, Nicholas Sterghos. Learn more about Nicholas at