I awoke from my nap to the hammer sounds at 11 A.M.

I went to the window. Could this be?

 I saw it before anyone else.  Although by the barks coming from other houses on the block, I’m sure the other dogs were aware that something new had arrived on the block.

To my dismay, I had already been taken out for a walk that morning.  In anticipation, I did not even mind the usual morning stiffness in my four knees.  Instead, I sat alertly by the window for the rest of the afternoon until one of my pets got back from their people obedience school.  I made sure no one else had a chance to mark it.  I saw as one potential marker spotted it from across the street.  Thankfully that dog’s pet had not intended to cross, so it was still safe.

As soon as my pet got home, I jumped up, leash in mouth, ready to go out once he got to the door.

“OK, Creak – easy boy,” he said as he attached the leash to my collar.  Once on, I rushed past his legs with a powerful pull towards the neighbor’s yard.

There it was, the neighbors were moving out and their house had gone on the market.  It was a new post announcing that their home was going up for sale – completely unmarked by other neighborhood dogs.  I proceeded to mark it as my pet shook his head and said, “Of course,” smiling.

Today was a good day.