I had a chance to look around and I realized quickly how closely connected the mind and the body can be. Without a healthy balance of the two, you can be very out of whack. I'm feeling it this week from the hands to the toes. It's worth noting that sometimes it starts in your head. Birthdays are a good time of the year to take a second and pause to think about the past and the future, and in a funny way, a good chance to take a "time stamp" of how you're feeling. I guess seeing the time capsule at the Friar's Club (which is kind of an oxymoron, considering it's a 5-story time capsule) put it in perspective. It is a good chance to take a mental graph of the last few years and it's a great place to set some goals and chart a better graph for the coming years. I know there have been years I felt like crap, for example, because the ski season was upon us — somewhat out of reach — and other years when I wished nothing more than continued good health and wellness.Birthdays are a funny thing. We all got 'em. Hopefully we can all use 'em.