Ms. Meniscus:

I carry a lumbar pillow with me on the bus to work every morning and a group of people I ride with everyday has started giving me a hard time about it. What can I say shut them up and look like the smartest, wittiest woman on the bus?

Give me something good

It’s no joke

Dear It’s no joke:

I think the most important part of making that group of people on the bus shut up is to own it.  That is your lumbar pillow, and you will continue to wear it regardless of the trends.  Wear it like the season’s latest trend. You pull that pillow out of your purse like you can’t wait to show it off on a high-fashion runway at the fashion shows in Milan.

The reason you ride the bus to and from work is to have more time with you lumbar pillow and get lost in it.

While you take pleasure in the support afforded by your lumbar pillow, you would rather take that support than some of the support those people on the bus need at the end of the day.

You wear it to drown out the endless drone of the others on the bus that morning. After all, who really has engaging conversation on a bus at 6:48AM?


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