The key to travel this summer is stretching…

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The key to travel this summer is stretching. These past few days it seems like everyone and their cousin has been on the road going somewhere…a BBQ, to a friend’s house, to their nephew – and I feel like they’re either in front of me or behind me sitting in traffic.

It has taken an unusually long time to get from A to B, and granted the NYC-area isn’t famous for its car travel efficiency, but the summer is definitely here.

So after a 45-minute trip upstate (which turned into 90 minutes almost by magic), the best thing in the world is a nice long stretch. I like to call it a talk back stretch. You know, the kind that lets out noises and creaks all the way up to the sky – from your ankles to your wrists – after you get out of the car. And it feels oh so good.

Which brings me to my Holiday Travel advice: get out and stretch. And use the bathroom if you need to. But bill it as a stretch stop – you’ll thank yourself afterwards.

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