So yeah, I’m an idiot for actually going to a shopping mall on Black Friday. Which should be renamed Crack Friday. The crowds weren’t as bad as the distances I had to walk — and shlep — to get from one end to another. Granted, I was at a shopping mall in New Jersey (the shopping Mecca of North America), and to capitalize on Macy’s great bargains I opted to park and walk. And walk. And walk.

Which didn’t bother me that much until the end of the day, when every step felt like a giant leap into the arms of a 300-pound linebacker. Needless to say, no $5 coupon was worth the aggravation, agony and aches caused by Crack Friday.

Sadly, I let this dampen my weekend, after such a nice Thanksgiving (with such a nice family). But instead of focusing on the nonsense that is walking 3 miles in a crowded mall with a heavy shopping bag (of bedding, no less), I need to focus on the positives:  I got cheap bedding.