Having psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis can make the holidays a little extra challenging.  I’ve been very excited about a holiday dance party, an evening affair perfect for my ‘little black dress’.  But what if the psoriasis on my scalp decides to flare? littleblackdress

With the stress of the holidays I’m bound to have a flare.  The large flakes in my hair always manage to land on my shoulders and run down my back.  Maybe I can try not to scratch my itchy scalp.  Or maybe I can use the steroid lotion the doctor prescribed for the itch—but then my hair will look greasy.  Yuck. Nobody is going to ask me to dance if I have flakey, greasy hair!

No little black dress for me; I guess I’ll have to find a cream colored dress or maybe something silver and glittery to camouflage the flakes.

Now, what shoes to wear?

Sandals are out. Not only is the psoriasis on my toenails flaring—it’s easy enough to get a pedicure and cover the psoriasis with nice deep holiday red nail polish—but, my sausage toes have once again reared their ugly head.  What’s more, both Achilles tendons are swollen and painful, and the spondylitis in my lower back had been flaring!

Maybe I could find a cute pair of flats that are wide enough in the toe area.  No, flats won’t do, I need something with more support!  Can I find good looking dress shoes with support?

And what if someone actually asks me to dance?  I love to dance but last time I went out dancing I ended up with a torn meniscus in my knee.  I’ll have to remember not to do the ‘Twist’.  I wonder if I’ll be laid up again if I go to the dance.  I suppose I could just go and mingle, I don’t have to dance!  But I know the music will lure me in and I’ll be out on the dance floor in no time.

Maybe I’d be better off to just stay home with my heating pad and recliner.  Seriously, what am I thinking even considering going to this dance?  And how will I get there?  My night vision is completely gone since I developed ocular rosacea and have had a couple bouts of uveitis.  After the last near miss with the guy on the bicycle in the crosswalk I don’t dare drive after dark.

But just when I think it’s easiest to stay home I think that perhaps my brother could give me a ride.  Who knows, he might even go to the dance with me!  Last resort, I can always call a cab.

Just because I go to a ‘dance’ doesn’t mean I have to actually dance.  I could go and just be a happy ‘wallflower’.  I love music and I love people!  I’m sure I could find a comfortable spot where I could still enjoy the music.  It will most likely be dark no one will see the flakes so my little black dress might even work.  And, who cares what shoes I’m wearing?  By the end of the night most women will have kicked off their high heeled shoes anyway.  I suppose a little toe tapping wouldn’t hurt.

This girl is going out dancing!