Let’s start with the good part.Well, it happened.  Something I have been planning since my eyes opened as a puppy.  I ran away.  You might ask, “Creak, were you unhappy with your human pets?” My answer would be, “No, not entirely.” Their role was trivial in regards to my decision to fly the coop, as the saying goes.  Yeesh, I’d wish I had wings to fly, if I wasn’t positive that they would have arthritis too!  If I had to choose, I’d be a fish, or a snake…no, a fish.  I’d be a large fish…a shark!  Swimming in the water would be relaxing. Not to mention, it would be a non-impact environment…heaven. I digress.

It was a little bit spontaneous of me when the golden opportunity came.  I happened to be taking a nap while my pets were out making their living or at their temporary detentions of education centers.  As I lie there on my back, I smelt the strangest of scents coming from the kitchen.  It was then when I realized that someone had left the back door open by accident.  This was it, the opportunity!  Suddenly, I began to have millions of thoughts whirring through my head.

“Where would I go? Where will I be able to find one of those farms with bacon strips walking around? Is my insurance up to date?  Would my pets be able to clean up the chips they dropped on the floor on their own? Will I find friendly dogs?   How far could…”

… But it was too late. Before my mind had formulated any reasonable answers, my creaky legs had already bolted out the door as if they were alive (in one of the only self-imposed runs I’ve been on in years!)  The landscape blurred around me with the sudden burst of adrenaline.  No leash around my neck to tell me where to go or where not to go.  I ran as fast as I could!  After I had reached the end of my neighbor’s back yard, I took a break.  That was all the running and excitement I could take.

Be sure that the best of my adventure is yet to come, but I have to go now.  Currently, I am sitting in jail, looking at the jail warden of this prison named “Pound,” telling me to get back to my cell.   I will update again when I can.  If you see my pets, tell them I have a plan to escape soon.